• We are happy provide the best hearing aids at a fraction of the cost that most store charge. Our hearing aids aren’t just effective—they’re comfortable and convenient, too. MEDca hearing aids come from an FDA-registered facility, meaning you can rest assured you’re getting a safe product. Our devices are 100% rechargeable, meaning you won’t have to drop even more money on hearing aid batteries.
  • Our high-quality hearing aids come straight from the factory and directly to your doorstep. No more waiting around for insurance approval, appointments, or dipping into your hard-earned savings just to enjoy the soundtrack of your everyday life.

Medca Hearing- Optimizing the essence of living for everyone with hearing difficulties!

Medca Hearing is a US-based hearing aid brand that operates worldwide and strives for the highest quality standards. The skilled team at Medca comprises some top technicians who ensure excellence and innovation. Medca feels committed to providing the latest technology and convenient designs to its customers. Advanced and superior quality hearing aid amplifiers designed by us have reduced the pain of hearing limitations. We feel humble and proud at the same time to augment communications and repairing enhancing abilities for many.


Medca Bridging Conversations

The Brilliant Hearing aid amplifiers we bring to our customers are the latest BTE (Behind-the-ear) devices. The Medca products can facilitate hearing for individuals with a mild to severe range of hearing loss. Cutting-edge technology works efficiently with exceptional speech clarity mechanisms to deliver natural sound in even noisy situations. Medca BTE devices are hearing aid that is manufactured to increase audio intelligibility and inhibit the interfering noises.

  • Our Story

    The idea of Medca Hearing sprung from the lack of affordable and reliable hearing aid devices available online. We initiated the brand operations and manufacturing in New York, and now a considerable number of customers worldwide appreciate Medca hearing. Our team has been on a journey since the beginning to develop advanced yet easy-to-access hearing aid amplifiers. We keep learning from mistakes and the technological research going on in the world.

  • Mission & Vision

    Our Mission is to develop hearing aid products according to the needs of hearing loss effectively. Every hearing amplifier or aid manufactured in our vicinity is meant to make life functions and communications more effortless for people with a certain level of hearing impairment. We want to make the world's most efficient hearing aid light as a feather and doesn't cause any discomfort.

  • Why Choose Us?

    Medca hearing has acquired the latest equipment and manufacturing plant to create easy-to-use BTE hearing aid amplifiers and relevant products. The range of products we have includes rechargeable Digital Ear Hearing Aids sets with USB Docks and Pocket sound amplifiers. We ensure that the hearing support is suitable for people of all ages. Medca thrives on reliability, convenience for users, and constant improvement of the products.

  • What we offer?

    Medca Hearing hires professional that is qualified and trained to work with precision. Every product goes through an extensive testing process and is launched until perfected. Our products come with a warranty, and the customer support team is available round the clock for immediate services. The digital hearing amplifiers are intended to abate any kind of hearing loss issues successfully.


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